Lash Services 

Lash Tint 

Tinting the natural lashes to make them appear darker & more defined. 

Lash Lift

Creating a semi-permanent curl on your natural lashes. The lift lasts until your lash falls out in your natural lash cycle, lasting you anywhere from 3-6 weeks. This is a perfect way to open up the eyes and making your lashes appear longer & thicker naturally!

Classic Lash Extensions

~ One lash extension per natural lash 
Classic lash extensions help to create a natural "mascara" look. We carry different lengths & thicknesses so each set is completely customized to you! 

Hybrid Lash Extensions

~ Classic & Volume lashes mixed 
Giving you volume & length. This style if for those who like the best of both worlds! Volume, thickness and style are customizable to achieve your desired look. 

Volume Lash Extensions 

~ 3-5 extensions per natural lash 
Volume lashes allow for a fuller & fluffier lash line. Many looks can be created from soft & natural all the way to bold & wispy.