Skin Care

Skin Care Services

Here at Beauty by Katie we believe that all skin is unique (much like the person in it!). Because of this, all of our skin care services are completely customized to you & your skins needs! 
We use ELLA i SKiN products, a beautiful advanced organic skincare line.

Why Organic? 

What we put on our skin is eventually absorbed into our body. It makes sense that natural products can naturally work better for our skin and even better for our ultimate health. There is endless positive effects and results of using natural ingredients. Using plant-based ingredients will ensure skin receives more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nourishing ingredients.

How to Book a Treatment?

When booking all that you need to decide is how long of a treatment you are wanting to receive. Options include 30, 60, 75 & 90 minutes.
Next, upon arrival we will have a brief consultation to discuss what your concerns & current skin goals are! 
Finally, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy!